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Who are our Greeters?

Our Greeters are not professional tour guides, but enthusiastic local volunteers; people who live in Brighton & Hove, who are passionate about our city and want to share their enthusiasm with you!

They are normal people, with normal jobs, who are willing to give up their free time to take visitors around Brighton & Hove, and reveal some of the wonderful attractions and facilities on offer. 

They are friendly and approachable volunteers and they are not paid for their time. We do not ask for payment and neither will they. 

Meet the Greeters

Photo of Chris Childs, one of the VisitBrighton Greeters

Greeter Chris Childs says: "Being a Greeter is a great way to meet some of the many people from all over the world who visit Brighton & Hove. I travel quite a lot myself & I really appreciate being able to talk to local people & get their 'take' on the places I visit. So I particularly enjoy being able to share my enthusiasm for Brighton with visitors who are keen to explore and find out more about the City."

Greeter Mike Laslett.

Greeter Mike Laslett says: "I enjoy sharing less well known aspects of the City with foreign tourists who would otherwise only discover the Pier and Churchill Square. Even local people have been surprised at the wealth of history we are able to reveal on a brief stroll around the City Centre. It is good that we can tailor our walk to the needs of the individual visitors and their particular interests." 

So why not book a Greet today and get a personal view of the city?