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Q and A

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Thank you for volunteering to be a VisitBrighton Greeter!

You’ve joined up to share your passion for the city of Brighton & Hove with our 8 million visitors a year.

You probably have a few questions about being a Greeter. The information below should cover everything you need to know to get started, but if you have any further queries please get in touch.

What is the role of the Greeter scheme?

The VisitBrighton Greeter scheme aims to enhance the visitor experience in the city and beyond, by enabling local people who are passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the city to greet our visitors and welcome them to their Brighton & Hove.

Our volunteer greeters will abide by the Global Greeter Network standards which are incorporated into our policy document, engage with our visitors on every level and at all times be an ambassador for, and a positive representation of, the city.

Should I welcome everyone into the city?

Absolutely! Brighton & Hove is a diverse City and our greeters welcome everyone regardless of their race, colour, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.

How often do I need to be available?

Being availabile at least once a month is a fundamental part of being a greeter. You will also need to be prepared to offer Instagreets one weekend each month.

Greeters also need to be available for quarterly briefing meetings, which will involve getting all the volunteers together and sharing best practice and updates on the scheme.

How long do I need to allocate for a Greet?

Most greets last around 2 hours.  However, you must allow up to 4 hours per greet as we encourage visitors to make the most of the city. The length of each Greet can be agreed with the visitor when contacting them upon arrival in the city.

Can I undertake a greet in areas I'm not that familiar with?

It is important that the greets you undertake are in areas you are familiar with and passionate about. In order for the visitor to get the maximum enjoyment out of the greet you must not take them into unfamiliar areas you know little about.

Do I need to contact the Visitor prior to the Greet?

Yes. When you accept a greet you will be given the full details of when and where the visitor is arriving in the city. It is essential that you contact them by telephone prior to the greet to confirm they fully understand the meeting point and to discuss details about the greet. This is your responsibility and is important, as visitors will often misplace the details once in the city. If there is only an overseas telephone number given then you can either use the office phones at VisitBrighton, or if necessary we could make the call for you.

How do I identify myself as a VisitBrighton Greeter?

Your photo ID badge is specific to you and identifies you as a greeter. It is of paramount importance that you wear this at all times when on a greet in order to be identified by the visitors you are meeting and to be a visible presence in the city. It is not transferable and should not be used by anyone else.

You must not wear your badge unless on a greet or other activity cleared by this office and you must not contact any organisation, the press or any outside retailer in your capacity as a greeter without the prior approval of the VisitBrighton Greeters office.

VisitBrighton Greeter branded polo shirts and fleeces are also given to all Greeters.

Is there a maximum number of visitors I can take on a greet?

Yes. The maximum number is 6. The VisitBrighton Greeter scheme is a ‘welcome to the city’ run on a personal level and volunteer basis. We are not official tour guides therefore the numbers on the greet must be a small group only. Ensure you check numbers when you telephone to confirm the greet.

Where do I meet visitors prior to a greet?

Greets will always start at the Visitor Information Centre, as this is central in the city, easy to identify and easily accessible. The visitors will have confirmation from the office to meet at the Visitor Information Centre and this needs to be reiterated at the initial phone conversation. The Greeter should also make the visitors aware of the services the Visitor Information Centre provides. 

Do I need to be prepared for all weathers?

Yes please. Greets will take place in all weathers. In case of extreme weather conditions, the Greeter must contact the visitors on the day of the greet to discuss feasibility.

What happens if I have an emergency and can't attend the greet?

If an emergency arises on the day of the greet, which means you will not be able to carry out the greet, please telephone the visitors and the VisitBrighton office to notify us. If the emergency arises prior to the day of the greet please telephone the office and we will notify the visitors.

It is important that our greeters are reliable and do not cancel greets except in cases of genuine emergency.

Do I need to be prompt at all times?

As you are representing the city to our visitors, it is important to be on time or a little early to meet them. In case of unavoidable delays please ensure you have the visitors mobile number with you at all times on the day of the greet, so you can contact them.

What about my personal safety?

Your safety at all times is of paramount importance and therefore greeters are not permitted go to a visitor’s hotel room, or invite visitors to their home.

Greeters are not permitted to use their own cars whilst on a greet or to travel in visitor’s cars. This is important as our insurance will not cover you or the visitor(s) in the event of an accident.

Should I encourage visitors to use Public Transport?

We aim to promote public transport at all times in the city. Helping visitors to familiarise themselves with public transport is a good way to ensure they can move easily and sustainably around the city and surrounding areas.

Do I receive expenses?

You and the visitors will each be responsible for your own expenses incurred on a greet.

Can I accept tips?

As the greeter scheme is voluntary, you cannot accept money or tips of any kind. If a visitor expresses a wish to show their appreciation in this way, please remind him or her that tipping is not appropriate. If they still insist, then there is a charity collection box in the Visitor Information Centre where donations can be made.  The charity is chosen by the Greeters themselves.

Does the Greeter Scheme provide insurance & liability?

You will be covered by Brighton & Hove City Council’s public liability insurance for any activities carried out, as part of a greet, within this policy. However, VisitBrighton Greeters are not responsible for any acts which fall outside the guidelines in this document. If you exceed these limitations, you may be held personally liable for any injury to yourself or to a visitor.

Do I need to comply with Council Policy?

You are expected to comply with the rules laid down in this policy document and Brighton & Hove City Council’s Equalities Policy and Health and Safety policies.

Failure to do so may result in your removal from the VisitBrighton Greeter scheme.

VisitBrighton Greeter scheme reserves the right to reject a potential volunteer or to refuse current volunteers further visits for any reason whatsoever when in its opinion such action is justified as being in the best interests of the scheme.

Questions, suggestions and feedback

The VisitBrighton Greeter Scheme is a voluntary service for our visitors by local people. We are not official tour guides, but aim to give our visitors an insight into areas of the city and beyond from a friendly, local perspective.

If visitors wish to participate in official, historical tours of the city, please pass them on to the city’s Blue Badge Guides after the greet.

In order to ensure we are providing a quality service to our visitors, it is essential that we capture their feedback after the greet. Post greet questionnaires will be sent out via e-mail. Please encourage your visitors to take part in this.